2015 Workshops Announced

With a hugely successful 2014 with consulting, workshops and trips overseas with some great groups of people, I am happy to announce I will be running a series of 2 day workshops throughout 2015 with Mark Robinson, Travel Photographer and Travel Consultant legend….:)

While the content of what we will be teaching can be applied to all types of photography, we will mainly be focusing on travel, incorporating, people, architecture, food, landscape, wildlife, night time, daytime, morning and afternoon time…well, you get the drift. The beauty of travel photography is that it includes every type of photography.

The best part is that we are working in conjunction with Back Track Adventure Travel who are supporting the workshops allowing us to offer them at $295 per person for 2 days, normally $595 per person!!

More details coming soon…..:)


Happy New Year

Well, another year is over. Hope everyone has enjoyed theirs as much as I have mine. It has certainly been another crazy, busy year, but that’s how I like it. Lots to do and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed, grateful and humbled by what I have ahead of me and the places I am fortunate to have visited.

The last 2 months have seen me working in Nepal and Antarctica with 2 groups of photographers wanting to improve their craft, and what fantastic groups they were.

For now I am resting up and working hard (at the same time of course) on the Gold Coast, looking forward to another great year that I have no doubt 2015 will be. Hope you all have had a great one and looking forward to the next one. Above all stay safe and have fun…J

Take care



Custom Art

I had the pleasure recently of revisiting the Grand Golf Course on Queenslands Gold Coast for a family lunch. Last year I was commissioned to create a wall piece for one of its founding members based around a tree on the course that had been in place since the course was first developed, originally designed by Greg Norman. It is such a relaxing place to visit and was hard to leave to say the least.

It reminded me of the many requests I have had to create custom art based around a location or theme. Hope you enjoy this one…. Take care, Damian

The Grand Golf Course

Solar Eclipse

The recent solar eclipse had the net buzzing as it does with such events, and for good reason. They don’t happen often and are quite amazing to see. I was fortunate to be in a position where the view was quite clear and just in time before the setting sun. I was joined by many other photographers and interested people to one of the many lookouts over Brisbane. Hope you enjoy… For those interested, this is available as a print….see below. Take care…:)


The next total Lunar eclipse that can be seen from Brisbane is on the 8th of October 2014. The next solar eclipse will be the 20th of April 2023. This image can be purchased HERE

Gold Coast Mornings

Such a lovely time of year this is on the coast. Not too cold in the morning but not too hot in the day. People out enjoying ll the coast has to offer….Love it…:)

Sunrise at Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast Sunrise at Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast Sunrise at Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast

See More HERE

Presenting at the PPAQ’s ‘Connections’

Happy to announce I will be presenting at the Professional Photographers Association of Qld connections weekend coming up in a few weeks’ time.

With a full weekend of presentations and workshops looking at all aspects of photographic life and work, it is bound to be weekend any photographer would benefit from. I am humbled to be presenting alongside some impressive photographers and industry people including Darren Jew and David Watson.

For those interested in attending you can find out more details HERE.

Preserving the Ancient – Thangka Painting

Preserving the ancient form of Buddhist painting, the Thangka. I was fortunate enough to speak with a 14th generation grand master of this ancient art form and his apprentice on how it has changed in his lifetime and the importance of its preservation.

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