AIPP Awards 2013

Choosing images for an exhibition is always a tough call, for many reasons. Choosing images for competitions is just as hard, especially when there is a limit on the number of images you can enter. Hence why when an image is recognised by your peers and the industry in which you work, it s always a good day. The national awards for Australia are in their final stages of completion with the last of the images being judged today. Happy to say that one of the images from my recent exhibition Nepal, The Himalayan Kingdom and its People was again recognised and awarded for the second time. First in the state awards and now in the national. Even more exciting at the thought that I head back to Nepal for a month of travel and walking in the mountains in just 6 weeks and of course, there will be many more images to come…:) For now I hope you enjoy and if you have some time, head over to my main website, now freshly built with e-commerce.

Kathmandu Street Scene

Silver Award Qld AIPP Awards 2013 & National AIPP APPA Awards 2013

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