Himalayan Success in Nepal

This year I was fortunate enough to travel back to Nepal for a month, including taking a group to Everest Base Camp. The weather as usual for this time of year, was perfect, albeit with a little more snow than usual thanks to a 3 metre dump about 4 weeks earlier. Luckily though it did not stop us from all achieving our goals and 4 major high points, all over 5300mtrs. While the crossing of Cho-La was challenging, due to the snow, to say the least, we made it over in clear but difficult conditions, the major benefit seeing and experiencing the pass under snow, something not too many people are lucky enough to do.

Traditionally the peak season for trekking in Nepal as always been around late September and October. This was the fourth time I had trekked a little later in the season, with the main benefits being more stable weather conditions and fewer people, although temps are generally lower. This year was no different with clear skies and quieter lodges for our accommodation. Trekking in Nepal is a fantastic holiday experience. Anyone who has been there will attest to an experience unlike any other. Most who visit become hooked and almost always return to a different area of the Himalaya.

Next year I will be running a travel photography workshop for 5 days in Kathmandu, a perfect extra add on if you are thinking of visiting this amazing country. Go HERE if you would like more info on this trip.

Below are a few images, mostly from the mountains. Of there are many more to come…:) Hope you enjoy…. Damian_MG_1012 _MG_1105 _MG_1117 _MG_1120 _MG_1229_1 _MG_8179 _MG_8410 _MG_9231 _MG_9252 IMG_1201 IMG_1278 IMG_1392 IMG_1414 IMG_1736 IMG_1870 IMG_9635

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